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Missing out Plan-B for Stimulating Business Growth and Stable Business Alternatives. WE GOT YOUR BACK.

Customer Relashionship Growth

From data science to commerce platforms, Renalytic provides you with the tools you need to emerge as a leader in your industry. We believe that when applied with your customers in mind, technology creates value, builds relationships, and grows revenue.

Discover Hidden Patterns

Unlock the value in your data to solve complex business problems with our consulting and analytics services and solutions. From project inception to implementation, we’re in your corner with our business intelligence and data analysis infantry.


Validated Business Alternatives

During execution, many startups don’t have time to completely re-view, re-analyze, re-think, re-direct, re-strategize a backup plan and create restore model for the ongoing business. That gets very risky in cases of any loophole in the executing model and market’s critical competitive scenarios. That’s when Renalytic drops in to avail Plan-B.

Happy story :)

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We were exactly looking for someone who can offer us market research, business alternatives, and uncover opportunities in current model. Pradeep really helped us in not only getting Online Platform and App but did all the market reasearch which we were looking for. Thanks for humble support and getting things done within our budget.

Deepanshu Sachdeva(Founder, Futuristic Relocation Solution Pvt. Ltd.)

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Thanks to Renalytic for coming with Business Insight and great ideas. It really helped us improve our business and understand things that matters in growth.

Simran Pahuja(Co-Founder, Bravehood)


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